Our Guarantee

We make the Quality, Safety & Cleanliness of our Baby Equipment our Top Priority!

ABC Baby & Beach Rentals offers a wide variety of high quality, fully sterilized (we only use all natural products) baby rental equipment, child and beach rentals.

We purchase our inventory directly from the manufacturer. This ensures that we will be notified of any recalls. The products we select must meet all The Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association's (JPMA) standards.

Each rental goes through a rigorous inspection and cleaning process. After a rental is returned to our cleaning facility, we inspect it for damage or safety issues. We sanitize the inventory with a hospital grade cleanser. Cloth surfaces are laundered when applicable or sprayed with a disinfectant. Some products are wrapped and put into storage, while others are stored in our climate controlled facility to eliminate any possibility of mold or mildew.

Before we deliver the rental items, we re-inspect each product to ensure that our quality standards have been met. We cover all of our cribs to prevent damage during the delivery process. The highchairs trays remain wrapped until delivery.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of a rental item, notify our office. We will make sure the item is replaced. Our standards are the highest in the industry. Let us exceed you expectations!