How it works


Either, you stay at a Hotel/Resort/Vacation Rental Company.
We obtain the key for the property at the rental office or get codes from property managers. | We place your equipment in the desired room. | We pick up after your departure.

You are not required to be present as we work with most resorts and management companies to deliver before check ins and pick up after check outs in most cases.

Or, you are present at your rental establishment or private residence.
We will email you the day prior with the time of delivery / pick up | Or leave things on a porch or side gate if no one is home.

You may rent our products for as many or as few days as you need, however there is a one week (7 nights) minimum charge for all items.

Delivery and pickup starts at 9am.

Delivery Fees

Most Locations - Free delivery for orders over $150.00
No Minimum Order + $20 delivery fee for zip codes:
34201, 34202, 34203, 34205,34207, 34208, 34209, 34210, 34211, 34215, 34216, 34217, 34228, 34229, 34231, 34232, 34233, 34234, 34235, 34236, 34237, 34238, 34239, 34240, 34241, 34242, 34243, 34275, 34284, 34285, 34292

Bradenton & South Venice
Free delivery for orders over $150.00

Minimum Order of $100 + $20 delivery fee for zip codes:

34212, 34293

ABC Rentals will not move equipment from one location to another, if you have to change locations during your stay you are responsible to move the equipment with you safely and advise ABC Rentals in advance of a new location for the return. The other option is to have 2 orders 1 for the dates at each rental property.