Rental Self Serve on Anna Maria Island

Find our Self Serve location on Anna Maria Island

How it works and where we are located
Anna Maria Island full self service location is at 5352 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Now you can place your order online or by phone and pick up your items when you are ready.

Once your order has been confirmed and finalized we will give you detailed instructions and code for entry. Once inside smile for the camera. Then simply take the items with your invoices and enjoy your vacation.

Upon returning, smile again and leave the items in the drop off room along with the yellow copy of your invoice, this way we know everything was returned.
It's that simple.

What if I forgot to book ahead?
No need to worry for those that didn't have time to book in advance that's okay, you can call our direct number and we will get your order ready in no time.

What if I get there and realize I need another item?
That's not a problem, we will have a sign out sheet available for you to add items to your order. Just call us while you are there and let us know the name on your order and items you want to add, then simply sign out the item and write down the item number as well. Then when you return you will simply sign it back in.

What if I have a problem when I am at the location or want another item?
That's not a problem, we have an emergency number, which is located on the cards at this location, this number is answered until 9 pm every day or you can text as well and we can assist you with any problems or emergency. If it is after these hours please leave a voice mail or call the main store number at 941-929-1850 and an associate will get in touch with you.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to place your order now.